Who’s Who

Revd. Stephen Everard

Stephen joined the team in 2016.  Here is how he summarises his role in the team: “I have been Assistant Curate in the Benefice since my ordination in June 2016.  I am a self-supporting minister (SSM) who also works nearly full time as a social worker and team manager in St Barnabas Hospice, Worthing.  I am married to Jane, a special needs coordinator in a Primary School who is also training to be a counsellor. Our daughter, Naomi, will complete her Childhood Studies course at Bristol University in the near future.
My role within the church during my curacy has mostly been on Sundays, leading services and preaching, although I have led a small group looking at “Emotionally Healthy Spirituality” and also been involved in the “Hope in Action” outreach project to the local community. My wife and I are currently seeking God’s will for our futures, but have committed ourselves to remain in the Benefice during the Interregnum.”

Katrina Walker: Katrina joined the team in April 2017 during her Reader training and was Licensed in September 2017.  Here is how she summarises her role in the team:

  • Lead and preach – with a particular responsibility for the reflective service at St Stephen’s and Morning Praise at Hunston
  • Devise rota for servers, intercessors, and readers
  • Act as server, intercessor or reader
  • Lead the monthly prayer meeting at St Stephen’s
  • Pastoral visiting including Home Communion
  • Organiser for Pastoral Visiting Team (though most visiting takes place informally and the concept of a team has been slow to happen)
  • Write the monthly Prayer Diary for CONNECT – our monthly magazine for the Benefice
  • Resource material and lead Advent and Lent study groups
  • Conduct funerals as required

Alistair Ghinn
Alistair started working as a self-employed ‘Youth Mission Worker’ in 2015, offering service and support to churches in a 10 mile radius from his home in Selsey.  His hopes for his work with our parishes are:

  • To help young people grow in their inner confidence of who they are and encourage them discover their life’s purpose
  • To create a safe environment for young people to have fun as well as learn some good life skills
  • To support parents and carers in the massive responsibility of preparing young people for adulthood
  • To support and service all ages of our churches through teaching and application of God’s word and through regular prayer.

Victor Malan:

Victor was the last but one incumbent and returned to the Benefice following his retirement some years ago and occasionally takes services.


Church Warden: Joan Duberley
who has been a member of the church family for over 50 years and is a long standing member of the PCC and also currently Deanery Lay Representative for St Leodegar’s.


Church Warden: Peter Sanders
Peter Sanders moved to Chichester in 2013, recently retired as a charities and cathedral Chief Officer and has been a member of the PCC for the last few years.



PCC member: Joanne Williams

Jo is an active member of St Leodegars and on the PCC.  Jo lives with her husband in Hunston.




PCC member: Sue Jarman
Sue is an active member of St Leodegars and on the PCC.  Sue lives with her husband Tony in Hunston.




PCC member: Mike Waite
Mike was born and raised in Somerset, on leaving school he was recruited to train under a four year engineering apprenticeship. Toward the end of a long career, Mike’s final posting (one of several) was in 2012 from Bristol to Portsmouth, Mike and wife Sue (a professional chef) took this opportunity for relocation to the delightful village of Hunston, this as their planned retirement destination. Mike has been a member of the PCC since 2016 after it was suggested by the Vicar that he volunteer to fill the vacant “nothing to it” [ha-ha] role of Stewardship. Similar to a story featured in the Gospel of John, Mike is one of the fishermen who went on a fishing trip and caught nothing … bar an old boot!

PCC Secretary:
PCC member and PCC secretary Gillian Sanders was a private piano teacher, and currently works for Portsmouth Diocese as an administrator. 

She has been Joint PCC Secretary since 2016.



Organist: Fran Maddison  joined the team as our organist in 2019


Puppets 4 Praise: Jo Hutchinson









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