Welcome to St. Leodegar’s Church

The UK government and the Church of England have introduced many new measures to curb the spread of the COVID-19 or coronavirus, including cancelling church services and events.

The Church of England, via the Bishop, have informed us that churches can be opened for funerals under approved social distancing and limited numbers from 13th June 2020. In addition churches can also be opened for individual prayer under social distancing etc. 
Opening times:
St Leodegar: Saturdays 1pm – 4pm from 
St Stephens: Wednesday and Sunday afternoons also 1pm – 4pm (from Sunday 21st June)

Virtual Morning Praise – Sunday 5th July 2020

Virtual All Age Worship No.13 – Sunday 27th June 2020
Alistair Ghinn has also put together a YouTube video playlist in which he hosts an All Age Worship Service. It is well worth watching! It is followed by other resources that may be helpful for the time that we are housebound.
Here’s the YouTube link for our All Age Service service and supporting worksheets:

These emailed releases and playlists are now fortnightly. 

Our 2012 REDLANDS yr 5&6 camp video is on the playlist plus much more.
We’ve no Camps this summer, but starting from Sunday 5th July there is open air Sunday Worship Service at the REDLANDS Field… Do get in touch if you’d like more info.

I regularly sift through resources being shared on the internet, and this week I’ve attached 5 listed below.  

  1. Children’s worksheet based on the week’s lectionary theme: including a word search, crossword, maze and a picture for colouring.
  2. 4 Ways to Teach Your Kids to Be Anti-Racists
  3. How to Help Your Children Develop Their God-Given Gift
  4. 5 Things Never to Say to Your Grandchildren  
  5. 5 Positive Lessons from Online Church to Retain as Buildings Reopen

In previous weeks I’ve supplied these articles below… do let me know if you’d like any sent to you. 

Summary of Parenting articles available to date
1.       How to Talk to Your Kids about Coronavirus without Instilling Fear
2.       5 Fun Activities to Keep Kids Busy During Quarantine
3.       5 Dos and Don’ts of Home schooling Your Older Student During COVID-19
4.       6 Expert Tips for Homeschooling During Quarantine
5.       5 Steps to Fearless Parenting in the Wake of Coronavirus
6.       6 Tips to Make Quarantine Home-schooling Easier and More Rewarding
7.       3 Things Kids Need Right Now during COVID-19
8.       3 Ways to Have a Grumble-Free Quarantine
9.       6 Ways COVID-19 Can Bring Families Together if We Let It
10.   4 Ways to Have Less Conflict When Co-Parenting with Grandparents
11.   How to Quit Trying to Be a Perfect Parent
12.   5 Things Your Young Adult Children Still Need from You
13.   How to Help Your Children Process Their Emotions in a Meaningful Way
14.   7 Ways to Respond When Your Teen Son Pushes You Away
15.  6 Unpopular Truths Daughters Need to Learn from Their Fathers
16.  10 Most Dangerous Apps That Parents Need to Know

Other articles
1.       10 Comforting Bible verses to memorize during the coronavirus quarantine:
2.       9 Steps to Care for Your Mental Health during the Coronavirus
3.       10 Powerful Prayers for Everyone Affected by the COVID-19 Crisis 
4.       5 Powerful Prayers for Peace amidst Pandemic Fear
5.       Why Everyone Is Emotionally on Edge Right Now, and Why That’s Okay 
6.       10 Ways Coronavirus Can Change Your Life for the Better 
7.       Do we really want to revert back to ‘Normal’ after  Quarantine 
8.       7 Gifts Grandparents Can Give Their Grandchildren That No One Else Can 
9.       4 Surprising Gifts of Quarantine We Can Keep even When It’s Over 
10.   3 Ways to Stop Yourself from Going Back to “Too Busy” after Quarantine
11.   50+ Child friendly Jokes and riddles
12.   5 Ways to Silence Your Inner Critic
13.  7 Biblical Grandparents and the Amazing Lessons They Teach Us
14.   What is the Holy Spirit & 10 Supernatural Ways He Empowers you 

Do get in touch with any feedback or suggestions for future offerings.
If your child would like to video themselves doing a reading or other script etc do get in touch, I’d love to include them in the service.

My plan is to send a fresh emailed offering each fortnight up to the end of July, do let me know if you’d like to be removed from this mailing. 
Best wishes

Best wishes
Alistair Ghinn
07780 875837


Welcome and thank you for visiting St.Leodegar’s church, Hunston. St.Leodegar’s is part of a strong and vibrant village community in the parish of Hunston, south of Chichester.

St. Leodegar’s is a friendly church with a desire to share the love of Jesus with those in Hunston and beyond.

The services during the month offer an opportunity to praise God in different ways.

St Leodegar’s and St Stephen’s (in North Mundham) work closely together as a united benefice.

You are very welcome at any of our services:
1st Sunday – 11:00am Family service
2nd Sunday – 11:00am Holy Communion
3rd Sunday – 10.45am All Age Service with coffee and cake
4th Sunday – 11:00am Holy Communion
5th Sunday – 11:00am Holy Communion

We welcome children to all our services.

Safeguarding – Click Here for more info.

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John 3:16
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.